The History of Tom’s Septic Construction

In the early 60s, Tom Moore and Ira Beebe founded Tom and Ira’s Septic Service on San Miguel Canyon Road. One 1949 International pump truck did all their “dirty” work. Around 1962, Tom bought out his partner for $75 and renamed the business Tom’s Septic Service, later to be incorporated as Tom’s Septic Tank Service.

In 1972, Tom merged his business with Wood & Sons Construction, expanding the pumping services to include septic installations, repairs and maintenance. The business continued to grow and underwent several reorganizations and partnership changes over the next few years. With the arrival of Willie Kirkpatrick, the company evolved further and added a branch that pre-casts concrete septic tanks and grease traps.

In 1989 Willie became sole proprietor of all divisions and moved the facilities to Castroville. In 2006, the Don Chapin Company purchased Tom’s Septic Tank Service. The business was divided into two companies and renamed, Tom’s Septic Construction and Don Chapin Pre-Cast. With the acquisition and merging of two septic system construction leaders, Tom’s Septic Construction has become the largest and best managed septic construction company on the Central Coast. With a combined 100 years of experience, the staff is ready to assist you in all your septic needs. The company’s service area extends to Monterey, Santa Cruz and South Santa Clara counties